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Why Mediate?

  • It’s Faster than Litigation – Mediation provides an opportunity for a speedy resolution of your case. Mediation can be set soon after a case is initiated, and a case can be resolved at the conclusion of a single mediation session. No waiting on a trial date from the court! A trial, and the preparation required for trial, including written discovery, depositions, obtaining expert witnesses, etc., can take months, and sometimes years to conclude.
  • You Can Save Money – Few people want to spend more money than is required on their legal matter. Mediation is much more cost-effective than litigation, because you do not pay as many attorney’s fees or court costs.
  • You Control the Outcome – A judge controls the outcome of your case if you go to court. Mediation gives you control over the outcome of your case. When you reach an agreement in mediation, it may not be the perfect resolution, but it is a resolution you created and can live with. That may or may not be the case when the gavel falls at the conclusion of a trial.
  • You Can be Creative – A judge will make an informed decision, but he or she will not spend time figuring out the nuances that will make a property settlement or parenting arrangement truly work for your family.
  • Mediation Works! In our experience we find that many, if not most, family law cases settle in mediation, allowing the parties to avoid the financial and emotional stress of contested litigation.

How Does Mediation Work?

Parties are in separate rooms during the mediation process and the mediator goes back and forth between the two rooms discussing the outstanding issues and proposed solutions to those issues. The Mediator is an impartial neutral, not a judge. Mediation is focused on addressing the concerns, needs and desires of each party so an agreement that solves those concerns, and meets those needs, can be reached. When the parties reach an agreement, the mediator will reduce the agreement to writing and each person participating in the mediation will sign the agreement.


Jo Ann Lehberger is ready and eager to serve you as your mediator. Jo Ann is available to mediate after normal business hours and on weekends. Contact her today to set up a mediation so you can resolve your family law issues without the cost, frustration and delay of going to trial.

Smith, Lehberger and Kennedy Mediation Lawyers Knoxville TN
Mediation Lawyer Smith, Lehberger and Kennedy Knoxville TN

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