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Juvenile Court

Juvenile Courts hear a variety of cases, including child neglect and abuse cases and child custody cases unrelated to divorce. Juvenile Courts focus on the best interest of children. Our attorney’s know-how Juvenile Courts assess the best interest of children due to her many years of practice in Juvenile Courts. She has represented concerned family members seeking custody of children in their family, parents, and caregivers accused of abuse or neglect, and children who may have been harmed or neglected.


Neglect or Abuse

When a parent or caretaker is accused of failing to protect or properly care for a child, the Juvenile Court determines if those accusations are true. The Department of Children’s Services must protect children from abuse or neglect, so the Department of Children’s Services often files these cases. Sometimes family members file these cases. A parent or caretaker accused of neglecting or abusing a child may be frightened by this process, which often feels one-sided and unfair against that parent or caretaker. Our attorneys’ experience in Juvenile Courts provides effective and caring representation to these parents and caregivers.


Paternity and Custody

Juvenile Courts also address issues that arise when a child is born to unmarried parents. An unwed father must legally establish paternity to gain rights to the child. Once this is accomplished, the father may pursue his legal rights to visitation, custody, and decision-making. Establishing paternity is also necessary when an unwed mother seeks support from the father of a child.


After paternity is legally determined, a parenting plan in the best interest of the child can be established addressing custody, visitation, decision-making, and support. A parenting plan is an important document with a long-lasting impact on your life and the life of your child.


It is critical for you and your child’s future that you have an experienced Juvenile Court attorney guide you through the Juvenile court process to establish your rights. The deadlines, the paperwork, and the court hearings can be overwhelming. Let our attorneys use their knowledge and experience to give you peace of mind as you navigate through the Juvenile Court process.

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